Got plans for a new tattoo this year? Maybe one needs work, or do you want something changed altogether? No worries, because western Colorado has tons of sweet tattoo shops with talented artists in Grand Junction.

We asked you to tell us about a great experience at a tattoo shop in Fruita/Grand Junction/Palisade and the artist that did your work. We also asked for some photos. Scroll on to see them in our gallery of Colorado's favorite tattoo shops on the western slope.

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Great Tattoo Shops In Grand Junction

We asked you to tell us about great places to get a tattoo in western Colorado and you came up with some great locations. Better still, you mentioned some of the talented artists that did your work. If you sent in a photo on our app, scroll on to see it in the gallery below. Some of the best tattoo shops in Fruita/Grand Junction/Palisade according to you include:

  • First Street Tattoo
  • The Krypt
  • Slink Ink
  • OddWorld Tattoo
  • 50 Shades
  • Elysium Studios
  • Voodoo Circus
  • Empire Ink
  • Luminox Tattoo Studio
  • Calamity Jane
  • Static Ink

Artists Doing Great Work in Grand Junction/Fruita/ Palisade

If you are thinking of getting some work done this year be sure to check out the names of the artists in the photos below. If you like their work you can reach out to the studio and talk to them. We also had some mentions for artists that did not include an affiliation to any particular tattoo shop.

  • Cody Anderson
  • Mikey
  • Al Nelson
  • Paul Lunetta
  • Tattoos By Luke
  • EvieJ Saddoris
  • Sierra @1st Street

What is the Minimum Age for a Tattoo in Colorado?

It is a crime in many counties in Colorado to add body art to an individual under the age of 18 without prior written parental consent. Both the individual and the artist can be given a citation for up to $250 in some cases.

Scroll on to see some of the sweet photos you sent us of your tattoos (keep them coming), and to find out more about western Colorado's favorite places to get tattoos.

9 of Colorado's Favorite Tattoo Shops Located on the Western Slope

Ready for some new ink this year? Check out nine locations in Grand Junction you told us are some of the best places in town for a new tattoo or piercing. Scroll on to learn more about these locations and the artists behind some of the photos you sent us on our station app.

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