Not every state in America is the same when it comes to the outdoors and fresh air. Most people think of Colorado as an outdoor state. When we asked you about your favorite Colorado smells, one of the top answers turned out to be fresh air.

What other scents/smells do you enjoy that are unique to Colorado or Grand Junction? Keep going to check out the most popular answers so far.

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What is Your Favorite Colorado Smell?

There is nothing like fresh mountain air. A morning walk on any of the trails on the Grand Mesa is a great way to experience this.

It's actually rather surprising how poorly Colorado ranks in air quality compared to the rest of the country. The site Wisevoter ranks Colorado 45th out of 50 states (and the District of Columbia) when it comes to fresh air. Wildfires, Colorado's growing population, and increased production and use of oil and gas all factor in their ranking.

Famous Colorado Scents

Blue Sprice, Whiskey, Pine, Marijuana, and Elk are just a few of the things you told us you like to smell in Colorado. One of my favorite smells around Grand Junction is the way the Grand Mesa smells after it rains or the way you can smell a mountain lake on a hike as you get closer to it.

If Colorado Had a State Candle What Would It Smell Like?

We've all seen candles from Colorado with names like "Ski Lodge" or "Alpine Dream", so now it's our turn to find a proper name. Could you call a candle "Uncompahgre"? Should it smell like Lupines or Columbines, the Colorado River, or something else?

Grand Junction Shares 20 Of Our Favorite Colorado Smells

We're talking about favorite Colorado smells on our station app and wanted to invite you to join in. Keep going as we highlight some of your fun answers. What is your favorite Colorado smell? If you had to make a Colorado candle what would it smell like?

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CO Candles: If Your Hometown Had a Scented Candle What Would It Smell Like?

We're having some fun trying to figure out what a scented candle named "Grand Junction" would smell like. If they made a scented candle that smelled like your hometown what would that smell like?

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