Camping in western Colorado is a great way to relax and enjoy your spring and summer. With plenty of time before peak season, now is the time to start supplying your destination, and reserving sites if you need to.

We asked you about some of your favorite places to go camping in western Colorado. Using our free app you gave us some great idea-starters without giving away your secret destinations. We will explore them all in the photo gallery below.

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Rules to Remember in Colorado

Colorado seems like the best place on earth to go camping, but it is not without its many rules. It's many, many rules. Here's a friendly reminder to do a little research before selecting your destination because Colorado's camping rules differ from site to site. The rules may vary depending on the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, and local regulations.

Some Colorado Camping Basics

Navigation, water purification, a fire source, and a really good flashlight are all essentials in the great outdoors. You might consider spending a few dollars to hold a Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue (COSAR) card. You'll be funding rescue efforts in our state that help those who have needed rescue in Colorado's vast outdoors.

Should I Camp By Myself in Colorado?

Once you have some experience, solo camping in Colorado can be a beautiful thing. However, it is the most risky way to camp. Letting someone know your plans before heading out can save your life. Checking in with someone throughout your adventure is always the safest way to solo camp.

Alone or with friends, here are seven cool places to go camping that you told us about in Western Colorado.

The Best Places to Go Camping this Summer in Colorado

Camping in Colorado could mean an RV, a camper, a car, or a tent. Some people sleep right out under the stars. It's time to pack up our gear and start planning for another great season outdoors with a look at the best places to camp in the Centennial State.

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We're out to create an ever-growing list of great places to go camping along the Colorado River. Use our station app to submit your favorite place to go camping (along the river) and we'll add it to our photo gallery.

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Summer 2022 is officially upon us. Are you ready for a camping trip? With gas prices hovering around $5 per gallon, most of us don't want to travel far. Check out nine amazing campgrounds in Colorado, each of which is perfect for a summer getaway. These are nine of Colorado's best camping spots according to Trips Discover.

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