Sometimes love just isn't meant to be. Unfortunately, this was the case for some confused local elk in Loveland.

In March, Loveland resident Bryanna Akins let her pitbull-boxer, Bubba, out in the yard to play when the pup began wagging his tail and whining. Akins soon realized that Bubba's cries sounded similar to the bugle of an elk — sure enough, his barks quickly drew two elk to the yard.

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Akins told Townsquare NoCo that the animals, a male with a broken antler and another with no antlers, approached the backyard fence to check out her dog. Perhaps the duo thought they could get a head start on rutting season (that begins in August).

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Courtesy of Bryanna Akins.
Courtesy of Bryanna Akins.

Thankfully, the elk eventually registered that Bubba was not a potential mate, and Akins was able to safely bring her dog back inside. Once they could no longer hear Bubba's "bugling," the animals left.

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While Akins had a harmless encounter with the elk, others have not been so lucky. In January, a couple from Parshall, Colorado, spotted a large bull elk during a drive.

They pulled over to get a closer look, which upset the animal. The elk then charged their car, leaving them with popped tires and a reminder to steer clear of wildlife.

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