We want to give a special shoutout to Mesa County Sherrif's Deputy Jeremiah Carbajol for visiting our studios at Townsquare Media this week. Visits like his, and the ones from our Grand Junction Police Officers, give us a chance to get an assist with some of the questions sent in by you.

You can listen to our conversation with Deputy Carbajol on-demand with our station app. Maybe he answered one of your questions during our visit.

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Got a Question about Driving, Traffic, or Rules of the Road in Colorado?

We love trying to help figure out the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about driving in Colorado. We get some pretty interesting asks on our station app and do our best to get you the right answer. Some of our favorite car questions include:

  • Can I drive naked in Colorado?
  • Can I drive with my pet on my lap in Colorado?
  • Can I drive with headphones in Colorado?
  • Can I sleep overnight in my car in Colorado?

Avoid Speeding Tickets in Grand Junction

The best way to learn about speed traps in town is to ask. We turned this question over to you and the tips came pouring in about places everyone has been pulled over in Grand Junction. Scroll on to see some of these popular locations as part of the gallery below.

Colorado's Most Expensive Ticket

Did you know that there are some car maintenance mistakes that can actually get you pulled over in Colorado? Did you know that tinting your windows beyond the approved shading can cost some drivers as much as $5000? Colorado also hands out some steep fines for modified exhaust systems as well. Find more tips and FAQs in our quick guide below.

A Quick Guide to Everything You Wanted to Know about Driving in Colorado

We spent a morning chatting with Mesa County Deputy Jeremiah Carbajal about all things driving in Colorado and Mesa County. The guide below offers a deep dive into the topics we discussed on air and helpful information about some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Townsquare Media Grand Junction.

MORE: What Traffic Violations Do You See the Most in Grand Junction, Colorado

Which traffic violations do you think you witness the most often in Grand Junction, Colorado? We thought the #1 answer would be rolling through stop signs but it turns out your answers tell us that turn signals may be the biggest complaint of them all. Scroll on to see the answers:

STOP: 20 Things You Should Never Do When Driving in Colorado

Colorado and I-70 are home to some pretty crazy motorists. While Colorado may not be the state with the most reckless drivers or accidents, there are plenty of things people do on the roads that drive us all nuts. Sound off on things you see Colorado drivers doing that would upset anybody.

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