Almost a year after Colorado State Trooper Cody Donahue was tragically killed on Interstate 25, the law named after him is being ignored by Colorado drivers.

In a move to ensure more safety for our emergency vehicles on Colorado roads, the 'Move Over For Cody' law was put into place in June. It as supposed to get drivers to us to move over a lane and give that room to police, fire, tow trucks and other similar types of emergency vehicles.

'The new movement raises the punishment for anyone who crashes into stationary emergency vehicles on the highway. This includes public utility vehicles, tow truck and first responders. It will now be a Class 1 misdemeanor if you cause ‘bodily harm’ to a person up to 1 Class 6 felony if you cause the death of another person in this type of accident.'

Well, facts are that we are not following this law. In fact, statistics show that we are ignoring it. According to records, violations of this law have almost doubled in the past year. A staggering 2,269 citations have been handed out to Colorado drivers in that time. That number is horrifying.

Maybe it is simply a case of us not knowing that this is a law. Well, here is our reminder. We must move over and give all emergency vehicles plenty of room on our Colorado roads and highways. It's for their safety and our own.

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