Drivers in Colorado fess up to their dangerous driving habits.

These numbers may shock you. A new Colorado Department of Transportation study recently revealed the results of a poll concerning driving behaviors. The study to place back in November 2016. According to the CDOT, the information was compiled from 845 Colorado drivers that had this questionnaire mailed to them.

  • Reading a text - 22 percent
  • Written a message - 15 percent
  • Speeding - 69 percent
  • Don't wear a seat belt - 27 percent
  • Handling iPod, CD player  - 62 percent
  • Drove within two hours of drinking - 38 percent
  • Drove within two hours of marijuana use - 57 percent

Are you guilty of any of these? And if you were would you admit it?

'In 2016, there were 607 fatalities on Colorado roadways, which is up 24 percent in the last two years. Statewide seat belt use decreased from 85 to 84 percent last year — well below the national average of 90 percent. Unbuckled fatalities accounted for nearly half of all passenger vehicle deaths. Alcohol related-fatalities contributed to nearly one-third of the state’s traffic fatality total.'

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