Colorado could easily be called the land of the footloose and fancy-free, but should it be when it comes to driving in your bare feet? How safe is driving without shoes, and is it legal to drive a vehicle that way in Centennial State?

Is footwear just an urban legend when it comes to operating a vehicle? Wait till you hear the story of the guy who figured this out for the rest of us below.

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Driving Barefoot is Legal in Colorado and in all 50 States

If you want to drive barefoot in Colorado, the choice is yours to do so. There is no law whatsoever that says you have to wear shoes when driving the Centennial State. In fact, barefoot driving is legal in all 50 states in America.  Now, could an insurance company imply you were not driving safely or able to control your vehicle because you didn't wear shoes? That's between you and your lawyer.

Thank You, Jason Heimbaugh

Believe it or not, a gentleman by the name of Jason Heimbaugh did a lot of the leg work for the rest of us back in the mid-90s. Jason spent much of 1994 writing letters to every state's Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure this was legal in all 50 states. You can look back at his project by visiting this website hosted by the Society for Barefoot Driving.

Is It Easier to Drive in Colorado Without Shoes?

It all depends on who you ask. You'll find people that say you'll have more control with bare feet, and those who say you'll wreck faster driving without shoes. Bare feet are more sensitive to pedals but may take some time to get used to. Just try to leave your feet inside the vehicle when you're driving down the road. Stay safe!

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