A dog that walks like a human on two legs, no it's not some kind of weird circus sideshow or gimmicky thing, this is a real dog, with a real story and a horrific one at that who has learned a whole new way to walk and quite frankly is thriving.

Dogs are so resilient, way more so than most humans and this story just proves it. Dexter the dog had to have his front two legs amputated after he was struck by a car back in 2016 when he got out of the backyard and ran in front of the car.

After having one leg amputated after the accident and while the other front leg wasn't amputated it was badly damaged.

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Dexter's owner Kentee Pasek, said after the accident the dog had a wheelchair type of thing to help him get around until one day she saw her dog climbing some stairs, on its two hind legs and the rest is history.

At first glance, seeing a dog running around the house on its hind legs is a bit weird and maybe even a tad creepy but once you know this incredible dog's story, it's nothing but warm, fuzzy, and feels good.

Dexter still goes for a lot of checkups at the vet and one thing is for certain, this dog is special. Pasek said that she hopes that her dog inspires others to live their best life no matter what and to just keep going no matter what, and I think we can all learn a lesson from Dexter and do just that a little more every single day.

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