We are still in the early days of the voting process, but so far, Colorado Democrats are outnumbering Republicans at the polls.

The Colorado Secretary of State's office is issuing a daily update on Colorado voting totals. Although we don't know how people are voting, we can get a feel for who is voting early in the process.

As of Thursday, a total of  224,914 Colorado Democrats had voted compared to 196,082 Republicans. What might be a bit surprising is a large number of unaffiliated voters that have turned out totaling 143,866.

In Mesa County, a traditionally strong Republican county, it should not be surprising that Republican voters that have already turned in ballots outnumber Democrats 9199 to 5388. The numbers reflect both in-person voting as well as mail-in ballots.

Polling centers are open daily for those that want to vote in person, and, of course, paper ballots received in the mail are also being turned in.

Regardless of which way you lean, it is important that every voice is heard and that every vote is counted. So, please do your research and vote wisely, but please vote.