A doomsday cult leader formerly based near Norwood, Colorado has been sentenced to 64 years in prison in connection to the deaths of two young girls.

The two girls, 10-year-old Makayla Roberts and 8-year-old Hannah Marshall were allegedly forced to stay in a car back in the summer of 2017 with no food or water and eventually passed away.

The cult leader, Madani Ceus, allegedly referred to the girls as Pink 1 and Pink 2, and according to the testimony of a fellow cult member, forced the two girls into the car to be "purified." The cult member went on to say that after the girls had passed away, Ceus instructed him to cover the car with a tarp with the bodies still inside.

The cult was based around a theory that the 2017 solar eclipse would bring about the end of the world and lived on a marijuana and vegetable farm just outside of Norwood Colorado.

After spending nearly three years behind bars awaiting trial, it was ultimately decided that Ceus would not be sentenced to first-degree murder, with which she was originally charged, but rather two counts of child abuse resulting in death. This decision came about because allegedly, before the two girls passed away, Ceus proclaimed that she was no longer responsible for feeding the girls.

Instead, it was determined that the girls' mother, Nashika Bramble was ultimately responsible for their well-being, and consequently, she was sentenced to two counts of first-degree murder back in July and is currently serving life in prison.

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