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It seems like we are hearing more about the COVID-19 vaccine, and things are moving in the right direction to end this pandemic. But then I found an article put out by The Denver Post claiming that isn't exactly the case. They released an article yesterday saying how outbreaks are on the rise especially in schools, colleges, restaurants, and churches.

But remember the source, so you know most of these numbers are coming from the Front Range, right? Well, not exactly. Because Mesa County Public Health also has a Data Dashboard when it comes to COVID-19 numbers here on the Western Slope. Some of the information they release has to do with where locally has had confirmed outbreaks and when those occurred.

Looking at the past 5 outbreaks according to the Mesa County Public Health information they have all come from Church.

  1. Clifton Christian Church 1/31/2021 - 9 cases
  2. Victory Life 1/30/2021 - 12 cases
  3. Stillwater Cowboy Church 1/30/2021 - 9 cases
  4. Life Tabernacle Church 1/30/2021 - 11 cases
  5. Sacred Heart Catholic Church 1/29/2021 - 9 cases

Before I go any further, I want you to know I am not by any means telling you not to go to church. I am just passing along information in hopes that you don't test positive for the virus and spread it to your friends and family members.

Regarding the article from the Denver Post, a spokesperson for Governor Jared Polis did say they don't consider the increase in restaurant outbreaks as a trend, more of isolated incidents.

An outbreak is considered over after four weeks have passed with zero cases linked to the confirmed cases.

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