If you have traveled to all four corners of Colorado, you've seen which parts of the state have the biggest cities and which parts feature more of the great wide open we all know and love.

Over the years the numbers of people living in our state will change, as proven by the data released after the 2020 Census. From Denver to Grand Junction to the front range, we've got all the updated numbers.

Colorado's 2020 Census Count

Using data from the 2020 redistricting data we can get an up-to-date look at the county population throughout the state and get a better feel for which counties are the most populated and which ones have plenty of room to run.

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Colorado's Counties Ranked By Population According to the 2020 Census

Scroll through the gallery below to see the counties of Colorado ranked by population in order from the smallest number of people to the largest.

We've provided the location for each county so you don't get lost looking at the ones you aren't familiar with. We have also included cities and landmarks you may be familiar with to help you identify exactly where these counties are in the Centennial State.

Let's dive in and find where the people are according to the 2020 Census results.

Colorado's Counties Population from Lowest to Highest

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Slivers of asphalt cling to mountainsides with barely enough room for a subcompact car, let alone the monster RVs peppering the roadways. Blind corners leave even the most experienced drivers wondering what awaits around the bend. Let's not forget the thousand-foot drops with nothing between safety and impending doom but a thin slice of gravel -- talk about white knuckles.

If you're brave enough to "risk your life" for beautiful views, you won't be disappointed.

How many of these dangerous roads have you traveled in Colorado?

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While six Colorado counties managed zero fatal accidents in 2020, the rest were not nearly as safe to drive in.

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