Do we really need plastic straws? This is what could be decided. The House Bill 1143 is set to be debated Feb. 11 before the House Energy and Environment committee. The bill would not allow restaurants to give people plastic straws unless a customer asks for one.

If you remember back in 2015 a video went viral of a turtle with a straw in its nose.   Plastic straws are considered an environmental hazard here are some fascinating facts about straws.

It takes 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose straws are the 11th most found trash in the ocean and each year one million seabirds die from eating plastic.

Straws are also especially dangerous to seabirds, as they can be easily picked up and swallowed, suffocating and choking the bird.

Do we really need straws? Do some say many people can not eat without straws maybe we could get a prescription for a straw?

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