It's crazy to me that this "grown adult" continues to make the news for all the wrong reasons but here we go again. You remember that one knucklehead that was caught illegally swimming in Hanging Lake and snowmobiling in Keystone, David Lesh, yeah, he is back in the news because he thought it would be acceptable to go #2 in Maroon Lake near Aspen according to OutThere Colorado.

This guy is the owner of Vertika Outerwear a clothing company, so you would think that he has a good head on his shoulders but the constant disrespect around the state that he calls home is out of control. It's common sense that if you need to go to relieve yourself you either find a public restroom or you find a discreet space away from others to do your business (away from water sources, trails, or campsites) and try to bring a proper bag for removal. Obviously, David did none of these things and wanted to bring attention to his childish acts by posting them on social media.

Because his Hanging Lake court cases is still pending he could be facing bigger charges as he is due back in court on October 30th, and parts of his release included following all rules on open National Forest System lands.

Where David was on White River National Forest land it is required that all visitors must either remove their waste with them or dig a hole 6 to 8 inches deep (away from water sources, trails, or campsites). Also, there are public restrooms at the Maroon Bells scenic area site.

As a Colorado resident, I hope the judge in his Hanging Lake court case throws the book at Mr. Lesh. He hasn't learned a thing and he seems to believe he is above the law. He needs to be taught that being disrespectful to the state of Colorado is not acceptable.

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