The best way to kick off your morning? With a fresh and delicious donut for breakfast. We have a lot of awesome donut restaurant choices around Colorado, but one that's been closed for way too long will finally make its return after two years.

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Popular Colorado Donut Shop Set To Re-Open After Being Closed For Two Years

It's hard to narrow it down to just one, but if you had to pick a favorite donut shop, which would it be? Out of the bigger brand donut shops around the state, Krispy Kreme is pretty tasty and extremely popular. Dunkin' has also come back on the scene in Colorado over the last handful of years after vanishing for over a decade. Daylight Donuts has always been a pretty solid choice too, as is Lamar's. And if you love local donut spots, Mr. Yo's, and even Landline in Longmont are fantastic choices. One that's been missing from the Longmont area for nearly two years due to a car crashing through is building, is finally almost ready to fire up the kitchen and get back to work.

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Back in December of 2021, a vehicle came crashing through the beloved local Winchell's in Downtown Longmont. Since then, from the outside looking in at least, the shop has pretty much sat abandoned, leaving some to wonder if it would ever be coming back. We just drove by recently and there appeared to be zero progress on this fun downtown favorite. According to our friends at the Longmont Times-Call, the only local Winchell's in the area has a re-opening target set.

Winchell's Donut House In Longmont, Colorado, Set To Re-Open

In the article with the Times-Call, Joe Barmada, whose family has owned the Mainstreet Winchell's since 1998, confirmed his plans to re-open the store after nearly two years, this coming January 2024. With roughly half a million dollars in damages after the car crash in '21, various supply chain issues, and getting permits squared away, it's taken way longer than planned to have the shop back up and running.

Throwback Winchell's Donut TV Commercial

While offering the same menu, the shop will have a nice new modern upgrade for customers to enjoy. Being a local to the area, my family and I join our local community in welcoming back this decades-old family-run business, and cannot wait to get our first dozen once they're back open.  Speaking of awesome Colorado donut shops.. Ever been to Landline or Duck Donuts?

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