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A Colorado city has finished Top Ten in a study. 

Congratulations to Denver. If you're single, looking for love and real estate, there are only five other places better in the whole country.

A study on the website reveals the best places in the Unites States for singles to mingle and to live relatively comfortably. Based on their findings, Denver has a 'singles' percentage rate of 30. Almost one out of every third person is available! Their employment rate is outstanding at a mere 3.3%. Denver also ranks high because of the countless outdoor activities to be shared. Hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, skiing and on and on. Not only that, the numerous indoor possibilities scored very well for the Colorado city.

Is your soulmate and the perfect two story Spanish Colonial in the same zip code? If not the 303, then maybe Raleigh, NC. Or Indianapolis, IN. Maybe even Minneapolis, MN which ranked the best.





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