Colorado, again, should be proud. We boast the number one and two most active cities in America. 

No doubt that practically all cities in Colorado should be on this list, but real estate website Trulia had to give some love to other places. Just to be fair, I guess.

To start with, Trulia only researched the 150 largest metro areas in the United States. So, Grand Junction is out of consideration. But, Colorado still dominated the results. Fort Collins finished number two and Boulder took the top spot.

The study was based on several different factors. Including what the article refers to as the 'sloth index'. That is a term from the Center of Disease Control that defines it in this quote 'ranks the physical activity of adult residents based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data on self-reported exercise data. Cities with the lowest percentages of residents who reported not being active in the last 30 days were deemed America’s most active.'

From the results, we see that 12.4 per cent of Fort Collins citizens while only 9.2 per cent of the people of Boulder have not exercised in the past 30 days.

For the rest of the top 10 check out more results.





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