Not only is Colorado loaded with excellent gold mine tours, but there are also plenty of incredible caves you can safely explore in the summer. Some are well-known roadside attractions like Colorado's Cave of the Winds; others let you see some of Colorado's most famous gold mines from a long-lost era.

Keep going to check out 10 underground adventures you can enjoy this summer that all include free air-conditioning because they are all well underground.

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Ten Cool Underground Adventures in Colorado

Always follow posted signs and follow all safety instructions when going underground. Mines will include guided tours, as do some of the caves. Before visiting a cave on your own, always check with the Forest Service for safety and permit information before heading out.

Got a favorite underground adventure in Colorado? Open our station app and share it with us after you scroll through the list below.

Cave of the Winds

Argo Gold Mill

South Fork Spring Cave

Country Boy Mine

Mollie Katherine Gold Mine

Bachelor Syracuse Mine Tour

Florissant Fossil Quarry

Glenwood Caverns Adventure

Phoenix Gold Mine

Hidee Gold Mine

MORE: Colorado's Longest Cave is Also One of the Largest in the County

See inside Colorado's largest and longest cave - Groaning Cave. Discovered in 1968, this cave system stretches out over 15 miles of surveyed tunnels. Permits are given to experienced cavers only to explore this wonder inside Colorado's White River National Forest.

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