Are you allowed to sleep in your car overnight in the state of Colorado? The shortest and easiest answer is: it depends.

While there is no outright state or federal law that prohibits people from sleeping in their car, posted signs that prohibit overnight parking could get you an expensive violation. It really comes down to the municipality you are in, and if the area you are planning to park in allows long-term or overnight parking. 

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What Does Federal Law Say About Sleeping in Your Car?

There is no federal law that makes it illegal to sleep in your car unless you are trespassing, intoxicated (even if the engine is off), or falling asleep while driving. While states may not have a law that prohibits sleeping in your car, you are subject to posted signs which may be posted to prevent overnight parking and loitering.

Can I Sleep In My Car in Colorado?

Your best bet is to locate a designated overnight parking area in the municipality you are in. Many towns post this information on their website. While sleeping in your car isn't necessarily illegal in Colorado, you need to obey the rules of the area parking lots. For example, rest areas have posted signs that say "No Overnight Parking/Camping". So you can sleep in your car for a couple of hours, but you can't park there and sleep all night. Calling the local police department can help you get good information as well.

Find a Safe Place with Colorado's Safe Parking Initiative

Colorado Safe Parking is a citizen-led initiative that provides safe parking for the homeless and families experiencing homelessness. This service is set up on the Front Range and continues to expand. Safe parking permits can get you access to a place that will allow you to park overnight, sleep in your car, and accessible bathroom facilities. Some safe parking areas even let you charge your electronic devices.

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