According to the law, these Colorado businesses do not have to report any sexual assault claims that occur on their property.

In the wake of the huge Massage Envy sexual assault scandal going on right now, this bit of news comes as a big surprise.

It turns out that massage spas in Colorado simply do not have to report any alleged sexual assault claims that happen at their locations. That's right if you do suspect or have been a victim of what you think could have been illegal or inappropriate behavior, simply telling the business owner is not enough.

Maybe that is how this unbelievable scandal has been covered up for so long. It has been only recently that more than 180 complaints of sexual assault have surfaced against locations of the chain spas Massage Envy across the country, including at least three here in Colorado.

In addition, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, who are in charge of overseeing licensed massage therapists, have reported about 68 Colorado therapists have been charged and penalized for various sexual misconduct violations.

Law enforcement officials say that you should thoroughly check out all massage therapists to make sure they are fully licensed and accredited. But, most importantly if you feel you have been a victim of something unwarranted, please contact your local police.

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