The state of Colorado has some pretty strict rules when it comes to recreational fires, explosives, etc., and for good reason. However, there's something special about going on a camping trip in the Colorado wilderness with your friends and enjoying a big, warm bonfire.

As you can imagine, there are very specific rules when it comes to bonfires, including what you should definitely avoid throwing into them.

What Are the Rules Regarding Bonfires in Colorado?

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For starters, bonfires are prohibited any time the state of Colorado has enacted Stage 2 fire restrictions. In fact, Stage 2 prohibits fires of any kind, as well as torches, grills, and even chainsaws.

When not in a fire ban, you're allowed to have what's called a recreational fire in Colorado as long as it's no bigger than three feet wide and two feet high, otherwise a special "burn permit" is required.

However, even when bonfires are technically allowed, there are still rules as to what you can and cannot throw into them.

What Can and Can't I Throw into a Bonfire in Colorado?

The list of what you can throw into a bonfire in Colorado is pretty short. It includes things like sticks, branches, firewood, and not much else.

However, the list of items that you can't throw into a bonfire is a little bit more extensive. For example, it's illegal to burn trash that includes things like plastic and chemicals. In addition, it's also illegal to throw things like furniture, appliances, and tires into bonfires.

Interestingly, it's also prohibited to throw sawn lumber into a bonfire as these types of boards are often treated with chemicals that are dangerous to inhale.

It's important to check on current fire restrictions before starting a fire of any kind and avoid throwing anything into the fire that doesn't come directly from a tree.

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