The results are in, and the final score is: Trash Can - 1 / Black Bear - 0. This Colorado bear faced off against an insurmountable foe last Friday and ultimately walked away with a head hung down in shame.

I hope to lose the race. New from Ronco, it's the bear-proof trash can. Okay, it's not from Ronco, but the idea is still ingenious. Try and try as it may, this bear simply can't get to the scrumptious goodness which awaits inside this impenetrable structure.

Please disregard the timestamp on the video. It shows a date of January 7, 2014. According to the Colorado Department of Wildlife, this video was captured last Friday.

This footage is somewhat reminiscent of the first time I tried to detach my laptop from the docking bay we use here at the studio. I'm glad there weren't any cameras rolling. Actually, I'm not sure the bear isn't getting better results than I did.

This video from Bear Smart Durango was posted to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife page. In the thread that followed, comments were made regarding the effectiveness of these trash containers.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook Page
Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook Page

What if the bear "really" wanted to gain access to the goldmine inside. Here's an example of how effective these things can be.

There you have it, conclusive proof that bears, and in some instances, people, have a difficult time accessing bear-proof trashcans. Get yours today.

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