Did you know that Colorado black bears aren't always black?

Colorado Black Bears Come In A Variety of Colors

It's true that black bears in Colorado aren't always black, though black may be the most common color. The fact is, when we talk about black bears in Colorado, we're actually talking about a species, not a color. Black bears are oftentimes black, but they can also be blonde, cinnamon, or brown.

That is just one surprising fact about Colorado's black bears, the elusive and seldom seen creatures that generally only make the news when they get hungry and start foraging for food in cars, garbage cans, and even human houses.

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Colorado Black Bears Are Active in Spring, Summer, and Fall

Following a long winter's nap, it's bear season in Colorado.  Bears start waking up in the middle of March and will remain active until early November.

If you live in a bear area, like Fruita, it's good to know about bear behavior and how to minimize human-bear conflict. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is actively working to encourage the development of projects that will improve public safety along with the well-being of bears.

Great Resources Available About Colorado Black Bears

Colorado Parks and Wildlife also has many resources available to educate the general public with helpful information on their website. Topics include Living WIth Bears, Camping and Hiking in Bear Country, and Bear-Proofing Your Home Or Business.

10 Facts To Know About Colorado Black Bears

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