Where is your favorite place to go for pizza in Western Colorado? Have you got a favorite style of pizza? Chicago deep-dish, a giant New York slice, Detroit pizza squares, or maybe something else? Who makes your favorite pizza in Grand Junction?

Growing up in Chicago, I was raised on deep-dish pizza. It's almost too good. You get spoiled thinking all pizza is that good. Having lived in 9 different states, sometimes it feels like I've tried just about every kind of pizza out there. Thankfully, Colorado's Western Slope is home to some pizza-loving folks. Did you know there are close to 30 different places to get pizza in the Grand Valley?

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Western Slope Pizza Lovers

I'm blown away by how many different places there are to get pizza, or a slice of pizza, in Fruita/Grand Junction/Palisade. Open our station app and tap the chat button to tell us about your favorite pizza place in Western Colorado. Where is your favorite spot, and what do you get on your tombstone? Sorry, it's an old pizza joke.

Grand Junction's Top Picks

Scroll through the photo gallery below and look at 20 of the Grand Valley's most favorite places to go for pizza. Of all the locations in Grand Junction, the top three locations that got the most mentions from our audience include:

New Slices Coming Soon

All this talk of pizza stirred up some news about a brand new pizza place that's opening soon in Grand Junction called Show Stoppers Pizza and Bakery. They operate out of a food truck you'll find around town. They plan on opening a brick-and-mortar store soon. Show Stoppers Pizza works with the Rocking W Cheese in Olathe, Colorado, which means you'll enjoy some of the freshest cheese on a pizza anywhere in Colorado.

See what the Grand Valley had to say about the best places to get pizza by scrolling through the photo gallery below.

Let's Eat: 20 of the Best Places for Pizza in Western Colorado

Coloradans living on the Western Slope are hungry for some pizza. Did you know there are close to 30 different places to grab a whole pizza or a slice in the Grand Valley? Which places offer your favorite pizza? Open our station app and give your favorite a shout-out like our listeners did below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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