Just when you thought it was safe to plan for holiday travel to Denver, Colorado, the Mile-High City has landed on the list of the Top 50 Bed Bug Infested Cities in America. 

Bed Bugs are one of the most hated pests ever discovered inside one's home. 2023 travel numbers are higher than the last couple of years, causing an uptick in the spread of bed bugs around the country.

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Bed Bugs in Denver

The Pest experts at Orkin shared a list of the Top 50 Cities in America with Bed Bug Infestations. The city of Denver lands at number 15 on the list. This means staying the night in a Denver hotel means keeping your eyes peeled.

How To Spot Bed Bugs In Colorado

Colorado Bed Bug Alert: 1 City Unveiled As An Infestation Hotspot
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Bed Bugs are tiny and hard to spot until you've had to deal with an infestation. After that, you feel like you see them all the time. Looking at the bed frame above we can see evidence of these tiny pests that are about as thin as a credit card.

Examine the bed frame for bed bugs before going to sleep. You may spot live bugs, eggs, or signs of dead or smashed bugs. Blood stains may also be visible on the sheets or mattress. Bites from bed bugs often form in a lize or zig-zag pattern on your skin.

Colorado Bed Bug Alert: 1 City Unveiled As An Infestation Hotspot
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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

So how do we get rid of bed bugs? No bed bug can survive exposure to high-temp steam hotter than 120 degrees. This kills them every time. Vacuuming or bagging up those bugs can also help you get rid of them.

Remember to check back frequently. Bed Bugs in an apartment building or hotel may be eradicated in one room, but return in just a couple of days. If you spot them be sure to tell the hotel staff or the homeowner immediately.

Traveling somewhere other than Denver? See the worst 50 locations for bed bugs in the US in the photo gallery below.

These 50 US Cities are Crawling with Bed Bugs

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Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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