Who would have thought, with all of the mountains in this state, that we would find a beach?

Not one, either, but nine! Yes, in the state of Colorado there are actually nine beaches for us to lay on, sun ourselves and pretend we're in the Caribbean. We're going to take a look at five of them. Get your towels and sunscreen and let's go!

They even got everything ready for us. Float along or just lay on the beach, look at the mountains and think of the money you saved by coming here.

Jackson Lake sure looks peaceful and serene. Once the sun rises, it's tanning time!

O.K., maybe a little unfair, but there are honest beaches at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. Not to mention the place is just awe inspiring.

Here in our neck of the woods lies Ridgway State Park. And whether you like to kayak, swim or just lay around, you have to make this a destination.

Known more for it's fishing and boating than it's beach, you can see it will be a nice place to put down the towel and not move for a few hours.

There are more, but these will certainly get you started! Have fun and take sunscreen!

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