Causing an injury by accident is something most of us in Colorado have probably done at least once. Some of us far more than once.

Have you or someone you know ever injured yourself with a later considered to be a 'dumb accident?' We asked you to share an example of this with us on social media, or by sending us a message with our station app 

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Dumb Ways We've Injured Ourselves

Have you ever driven your pickup truck to a fruit orchard, set up a ladder in the back, and then climbed up on it to select fruit from a tree? Did you fall off and seriously injure yourself? This was one of the first submissions I saw this week when we asked you to share the dumbest ways you have injured yourself over the years. I love that so many who shared did so with no fear. We did a dumb thing, but we learned from it. I guarantee examples like this will help prevent injuries this summer so thanks to all who have shared in the gallery below.

Keep Your Seatbelt On

Do you or someone you know live in a neighborhood with a gate at the entrance of the community? I once had a friend tell me a story about pulling up to such a gate, reaching for the button to gain access to their neighborhood, but were unable to reach it. They quickly took off their seatbelt, opened their car door, and reached a little further to be able to press the button and open the gate. Sadly, they leaned out of the car door a little too far and fell out of the car. Since the vehicle was not in park it rolled through the open gate without them.

Let's Celebrate

I heard from another person who once rolled 4 strikes in a row during a game of bowling. She jumped up in the air to celebrate and blew out her knee upon landing. This is known as the 'celebration injury.' My hunch is that this is the most common type of dumb injury we will hear about once we give everyone a chance to answer. Remember we are laughing with you and not at you. Most of us have all done something stupid at least once.

Keep reading to check out 25 examples of dumb things we've done to injure ourselves over the years.

25 Times Coloradans Did Dumb Things That Caused Injuries

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