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Both kitchen and front-of-house staff at Vin48 in Avon, Colorado, are enjoying the new year with a whopper of gratuity.

According to Vail Daily, the message on the tip read, "Great vibe and great service. Happy New Year!" Happy New Year is right. Employees at Vin48 were greeted with an amazing $2,021 gratuity for their hard work and dedication. For the record, the dining party responsible for leaving the tip was a family of three.

Just how colossal was this tip? Well, heaven forbid, I'm going to break out my math skills and compute this. The total bill for the family was $300. Obviously, this family went above and beyond the typical 15% or 20%. Let's crunch the numbers:

$300 dinner bill

$2,021 gratuity

Percent = 673.66666666667%

Okay, this is profoundly better than the usual $1 or $2 I leave. Instructions on the tip specified the kitchen staff was to receive $1,100, and $900 was to go to the front of the house.

Why a tip in the amount of $2,021? Well, take a closer look at the number. Does it look familiar? It's entirely possible this generous gift was done in the name of the “2021 Just Be Nice Challenge.”

Have you heard of the "2021 Just Be Nice Challenge"? Generous people all over the country are jumping on board. It's a movement calling for those with the financial means to do so to give gratuities in the amount of $2,021 at local businesses.

As you may recall, right after Christmas, a Grand Junction business owner left a couple of tips with a combined value of more than $2,000 at two different downtown restaurants.

This is an excellent trend. It will be interesting to see just how far it will go. I can't come close to leaving tips in the amount of $2,021, but I will make the effort to leave something more generous than a couple of bucks.

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