The University of Colorado is a prestigious school, with tuition prices to match. That being said, it may still come as a surprise to you that the university spent a whopping $177 million on its football facility.

Not only is the facility one of the fanciest of its kind in the state of Colorado (if not the fanciest,) but it also boasts the largest equipment room in all of college football, among many other things.

Keep scrolling to learn about, and take a virtual tour of the massive and ultra-fancy football facility at CU Boulder.

The University of Colorado has a Massive + Fancy Football Facility

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As mentioned above, the football facility at CU Boulder cost an estimated $177 million, and upon seeing it for the first time, you'll definitely see why.

The facility has a state-of-the-art weight room filled with custom gold-painted weights with the program's name forged into them. You'll also take a trip through Legacy Hall which is filled with trophies, uniforms of past and present, and other items commemorating big events and games.

The facility also has a hydrotherapy room with hot and cold tubs, a game room with billiards and arcade games, a movie theater, a huge meeting room with leather chairs, and a locker room that looks like something out of Men in Black.

In addition, we'll see the massive indoor football facility, the cafeteria known as Training Table, Coach Deion Sanders' window, as well as the aforementioned largest equipment room of all college football organizations, and, finally, the famous Folsom Field.

Let's take a tour of CU Boulder's massive $177 million football facility:

See Inside Colorado’s $177 Million College Football Facility

Take a look around the massive and ultra-fancy CU football facility, which cost $177 million to build.

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