Colorado's State Flag is one that is easily recognized. I mean, that big red "C" belongs to us. Our flag features 10 significations for our state represented by its colors and symbols. Do you know their real meanings?

Scroll on to find out more about Colorado's State Flag. Did you know that from 1876 to 1907 Colorado didn't even have an official state flag?

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Colorado's State Flag was Introduced in 1911

The Colorado flag we all know today was introduced in 1911. Its origin can be traced back to the Denver chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and was first flown during a Grand Army of the Republic parade.

What Do the Colors in Colorado's Flag Stand For?

The red C on the flag stands for Colorado which means "red". The gold in the center of the flag stands for Colorado's 300+ days of sunshine each year and also represents the precious gold that Colorado produced more of than any other state. The blue stripes on the flag are the blue skies over the Rocky Mountains, while the white stripe represents their snow-covered peaks. The blue and white stripes together are another reference to the Columbine flower.

What Else is Represented on the Colorado State Flag?

The C on the flag also stands for Centennial, which is a reference to the year Colorado was established as a state. 1876 was the 100-year anniversary of the founding of our Nation, thus the nickname "Centennial State". There are gold and silver chords attached to the flag that are interwoven. This is supposed to represent the harmony of the people here. The C on the flag also stands for Columbine which is our state flower.

Now that you know more about Colorado's state flag, scroll on to learn more about the "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" signs around the state.

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