Possibly the BEST band name, ever. Check out this classic interview with Ralph Dinosaur and The Fabulous Volcanos.

This story originally ran on October 16, 1984. It was a television show called 'Captions' and this episode featured a local musician who definitely played to a different tune.

Ralph Dinosaur (does anyone know his REAL name?) and The Fabulous Volcanos became local legends on the Western Slope's musical scene. For 30 some odd years, this band drew big crowds and always brought the party to wherever they played.

Ralph came to Grand Junction in 1971 as a student at Mesa State College, now known as CMU. He was elected Student Council President and did graduate in 1975 with a degree in Art. It was during his time at Mesa College that he put together his first band - The Backwash Boys.

By the 1980's the band had definitely established itself across the Western Slope. Then you add the name change and the fashion choices? (the cross-dressing began around 1986)  There was no mistaking which band was on stage.

The rest, they say is history.

This is the most recent article I could find on Ralph. Not sure on the date or the year, but if you want to check it out click here.


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