There are several ways to show our troops some holiday love.

We can never forget the brave and selfless people that serve in our armed forces. Especially around the holidays. For those who can't be with their families, we should be there for them.

One of the many ways we can show our support is to send our troops Christmas cards.

The 'A Million Thanks' campaign encourages all of us to write a letter or pick up a card to show troops all over the world how much we appreciate what they do. You can click on the link or here is the address and information of the Montrose office.

Welcome Home Montrose                                                                                               ATTN: Melanie Kline                                                                                                      11 South Park Avenue                                                                                                     Montrose, CO  81401                                                                                                       (970)  417-0927

Or you can check out this link for Operation We Are Here. It lists countless ways and organizations that help pass our kind words to our soldiers near and far.

Even better, you can drop them off here at KEKB at 315 Kennedy Avenue in Grand Junction and we will make sure they get to the right places.

**Editor's Note: we mistakenly said you could send a Christmas card to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Upon further research, we discovered the address listed has been closed, and they do not accept cards for "any recovering soldier." We apologize for any inconvenience.

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