You might want to get your wallet or purse out right now and check your $1 bills. Areas of Colorado may have special ones that could make you $10,000 richer.

A company called Ally Banking has begun a new promotion nationwide to not only get their company's name out there but also to reward some lucky people with some cold, hard CASH!

The idea is simple. Pre-select some $1 bills. Take those bills to several cities and states across the country and put them into circulation. Then let the fun begin.

There are 150 bills that will get you $100, six bills worth $5,000 and one that will pay you $10,000.

Now, although this company has not physically set foot in Colorado, YET, they have been in Utah, Arizona, and Texas. To give you an example of how these bills could easily be here in Colorado and more specifically Grand Junction and Mesa County, over the weekend our Office Manager was in Utah, our Market Manager made a trip to Texas and another co-worker traveled to Arizona. That's only three people I know. How many others from this area were in these states spending money and getting change back!

It might be worth taking a couple of minutes to check out your dollar bills.

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