Grand Junction's Roice-Hurst Humane Society recently hosted an open house at their new offices.

The Roice-Hurst Humane Society itself has not moved. It's still at 362 28 Road in Grand Junction. The dogs and cats are right where they've been for some time. The offices, on the other hand, have relocated to the Center For Independence at 740 Gunnison Avenue.

I stopped by Friday, December 7, for the open house. The offices have found their way to a convenient, centralized location in downtown Grand Junction.

Waylon Jordan

They put on a nice open house. Some generous supporters were kind enough to donate a few goodies.

Waylon Jordan

While some of the administrative staff has moved to the new location, general business, including donation drop-offs, will still be handled at the 28 Road location.

Congratulation on the new office space. I'm sure things will be much less stressful and far comfier.