Charlie Sheen deserves our "Nincompoop in the News" today for trying to CAPTURE a "Land Otter Man" in Alaska!

I knew he was CRAZY but I guess I never understood HOW CRAZY!

According to TMZ he just returned from his second trip just this year trying to HUNT down MYTHOLOGICAL creatures!

In July, Sheen and his buddies visited Scotland searching for the Loch Ness Monster.

His most recent trip was to Alaska with friends searching for the KUSHTAKA, a legend which loosely translates to "Land Otter Man".

Charlie said,

It's a shape-shifting trickster who is half man, half otter. It lures one away from the campsite with the mimicked sounds of a crying baby, then kills you, takes on YOUR form, and returns to the scene for more suckers or prey. It obviously knew our group was far too skilled to be snowed in this fashion so it stayed hidden like a sissy.

I think he's off his rocker, but I still believe in the Boogie Man so who am I to JUDGE?!

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