Today is National Men Make Dinner Day. Ladies, make sure you and your man celebrates this day.

This national day was designed for men who don’t know what a spatula is, but all men can participate. It's a fun excuse to cook your ladies dinner. Be creative though, stray away from boxed mac and cheese and canned soup. Ask your lady what her favorite meal is or if she has a recipe she really likes and try that.

If it turns out terrible, there is always the backup plan of take-out or pizza. In the end, it's the thought that counts and ultimately gives your lady a day off from cooking.

Maybe you're like me and your man does most of the cooking. Al dente, baste, broil, cure, meuniere, and mince are all foreign terms to me, so I can relate to the incompetent cook. (Yes, I had to google those terms.) Even though my husband does most of the cooking, we still plan to celebrate today.

If your man cooks for you today, send in a picture. We would love to see all the creations, good or bad, that men came up with.

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