Carly Pearce has much on her mind these days. From her upcoming wedding to fiancé Michael Ray to the recent release of her new duet with Lee Brice, the Kentucky native finds her mind going in all sorts of different directions at the moment.

But there is one thing she’s not even thinking about, and that one thing is a milestone birthday. She'll be turning 30 next year.

“If you had asked me probably five years ago about how I felt about turning 30, I would tell you that 30 scared me so bad,” admitted to Pearce during a recent interview with Taste of Country. “Five years ago, I was told in town that I was too old, and now, so much more has happened to me.”

Indeed, since breaking through with her chart-topping hit “Every Little Thing,” Pearce has been streaking towards country music stardom. And not only will she turn 30 next year, but she is also set to release her much-anticipated sophomore album.

“I feel like that age is just an asset and it's such a strength, especially as a woman,” Pearce says. “I will know more about who I am in my own skin at 30 that it doesn’t scare me. I welcome it.”

Heck, even her mom is telling the CMA Awards New Artist of the Year nominee that age is certainly not something to be scared of. Rather, we all should welcome it.

“My mom always told me that my 30s were her prime, and I really think they are going to be mine,” Pearce smiles.

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