"Star Trek" and "X-Men" actor Sir Patrick Stewart is calling on you to put an end to domestic violence.

Stewart, 72, hosted "Ring the Bell," a global campaign hoping to motivate one-million men to commit to one-million "concrete, actionable promises" to put a stop to domestic violence.

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Stewart has spoken openly about his childhood and the violence he witnessed against his mother at the at the hands of his abusive father. "Violence against women is the single greatest human rights violation of our generation," he said.

"I experienced first-hand violence against my mother from an angry and unhappy man who was not able to control his emotions or his hands. Great harm was done by those events - and of course I mean the physical harm, the physical scars that were left, the blood that was spilled, the wounds that were exposed - but there were also other aspects of violence which have a lasting impact physiologically on family members. It is so destructive and tainting." - Patrick Stewart


Fans of Stewart have spoken up showing their admiration for the actor and his efforts. Flyingbuttresses posts:

"When I was a little girl I would stay up late, sneak out into the living room, and watch TV. Late at night there was always Star Trek: TNG on, and I'd fall asleep on the couch while watching Captain Picard being a total badass. I've had a soft spot for him ever since, and everything he does to promote an end to violence against women makes me love him even more."



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