Sure, Seth Meyers gets a few good-natured digs in before Ian McKellen flips the script and quite literally takes over his own 'Late Night,' but that doesn't mean that anyone was having a bad time on the show last night. Meyers, finishing up his first week as 'Late Night' host, welcomed everyone's favorite pair of best friends -- McKellen and Patrick Stewart -- and the results were both charming and quite funny.

McKellen, it seems, is a massive fan of late night shows -- he likes the idea of having his own theme song and his own band and his own guests -- so when Meyers gives him the chance to briefly pretend that 'Late Night' is his very own show, he jumps at it. Stewart, of course, takes his rightful place as his band leader. Meyers, trapped in his own gag, assumes the part of guest (and, in this case, as his own version of McKellen).

It's less confusing than it sounds, and much more amusing, too.

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