If you live on an acre or less of land you may not be able to open burn anymore.

A rule being put in place by Mesa County Public Health will ban open burning for anyone on an acre or less of land. This change reflects a ban already in place for citizens of Grand Junction and will now be extended to unincorporated Mesa County as well.

Open burning will still be allowed, by permit only, and at designated times for residents who are on more than an acre of land.

This will eliminate the need for firefighters to determine whether or not someone burning is in unincorporated Mesa County as the rule extends to anyone burning on less than an acre.

Spring burning season begins March 1 and residents will still be able to burn brush and weeds to maintain clear waterways and ditches. Agricultural burns are still allowed, with permits.

There is also the possibility of someone getting hired to enforce the ban, but that has not been determined yet.

If you see open burning happening, contact authorities.

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