While we all know that there are snakes that live here in Western Colorado I prefer to keep a safe distance between me and any snakes. Although there was one Grand Junction resident that went to social media over the weekend to try and figure out which kind of snake was trying to make it into her garage.

The woman caught the snake while it was still outside luckily, and after pushing it with a broom the snake eventually went under her deck and hasn't been seen since. The photo alone on social media was enough to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. But it didn't take long for other Western Colorado residents to share details about the snake and how it's good to see these bull snakes in Colorado.

Western Colorado Residents Could Identify the Snake Almost Immediately

Beyond just being a wuss with snakes, I don't know much about them so I don't know the different varieties of species. But according to locals, this was just a big bull snake that is not poisonous and actually helps eliminate mice, rabbits, and other rodents on your property.

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I Would Still Run and Scream in the Opposite Direction

Even knowing that this snake is potentially harmless to me, I would still run and scream in the other direction. Snakes are just one of those things for me that I will never feel comfortable around. I'm really glad they serve a purpose but the further I can stay away from them, the better it is for me.

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