Another listener needs you help! Her last date wasn't so hot so she broke it off with the guy, but he has emailed her asking to pay half for their last date since he'll never see her again! Take a look at his email and give us your feedback!

I have been receiving some great emails from listeners with interesting dilemma's, here's another one! It's says,

After going on two dates with a guy, I wrote him an email thanking him for his time and apologized that there was no “romantic connection.” The next day, the guy emailed me back. Seems since I'm breaking up with him, he wants me to pay for half of the last date. My question: If there is no romantic connection between a couple, does the person who is breaking up owe the person who paid for the dates any money? Here's the email he sent me

He says,

Dear Mary, That's true, there really wasn't a "romantic connection" between us. So that's fine. But something about the night is not sitting right with me for some reason. We spent a fair amount of money that night and I feel like it is a waste on someone who I will never see again. So I have one request and then we can let things be: I would appreciate it if you would cover your portion of the costs for the evening. $60 is the split. I have never asked a date to pay her way like this before and maybe you haven't been asked, but something about the situation makes me feel it is appropriate. Maybe you can send it to me at (GUY’S WORK ADDRESS), Long Island, NY. I hope you will understand. Please make sure to do this so I can remember you and our evening positively and not negatively.

What do you think? Should she be responsible for half the date or should he have thought of that before hand and gone dutch?

Beside what does she care how he views their last date if she's never going to see him again!


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