Apparently it's not a wise choice to take "magic mushrooms" and go on a hike. Taylor Powers of Boulder, Colo. found out the hard way.

It was just your average Sunday afternoon for a group of college kids from the University of Colorado, the weather seemed perfect for a hike and a hand full of magic mushrooms. That is until one 21 year old, Taylor Powers flipped out and stripped down to her birthday suit.

Boulder County Sheriffs department recieved a call on Sunday (May 19th) that a female hiker was tripping balls on shrooms and was in distress -- she wasn't in distress, just having a bad trip.

When the police arrived they find the female totally nude, while being restrained by two male friends.

The rescuers -- 35 in total -- had to handcuff Powers to get her into the rescue basket. How come they needed 35 people to rescue a chick tripping on shrooms? It's not like you get super human powers or anything.

In the end, Powers was cited with unlawful consumption of a controlled substance, took a 'trip' to the hospital and will hopefully return to normal!

What have we learned? Don't call 911, just ride the naked ride in the wilderness.

No really, do mushrooms with caution and good friends!

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