If you step out the door and look west in Grand Junction, Colorado you'll see a number of towers near the Colorado National Monument. How tall are they?

In a way, Western Colorado has it made when it comes to radio and television towers. The natural terrain offers considerable elevation. Then again, if you're the poor engineer that has to go up and service these sites, you're in for an adventure.

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Towers Located On Black Ridge in Western Colorado

To reach the towers on Black Ridge, you're looking at a 45-minute drive from downtown Grand Junction. Most of the drive is like any other trip up to Glade Park or the Colorado National Monument. Eventually, you leave the paved road in favor of a private gravel road leading to the site.

Black Ridge Colorado Overhead View
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As you can imagine, winter is a ton of fun. It's not uncommon for service vehicles, even those equipped with proper tires for the terrain to get stuck near the top.

Black Ridge photo site
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The Site On Black Ridge In Western Colorado

A quick search using Free Map Tools indicates the elevation at the KEKB tower on Black Ridge to be 7115.2 feet.

Black Ridge Colorado Elevation Map
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What About The Towers?

The KEKB tower, one of the tallest on Black Ridge, rises an additional 321 feet. Combining the elevation and the tower height, you arrive at a total height of 7,436.2 feet above the valley.

Compared To Towers In Other Parts Of Colorado

The tallest tower in the state of Colorado, Hoyt Tower, is among the tallest manmade structures in the world. The Hoyt Radio Tower reaches an amazing 1,995 feet. The tower's basement is situated at 4,951 feet above sea level. At that elevation, the Hoyt Radio Tower is not only one of the world's tallest structures but is one of the only supertall structures in the world whose basement sits at an altitude of over 1,000 meters.

Hoyt Tower is located roughly 66 miles northeast of Denver. According to Route You, the Hoyt Radio Tower was built in 2003 by Acme Towers, LLC. It is currently owned by the Denver Radio Tower Company, broadcasting for KJHM and KFCO, as well as emergency services.

Hoyt Tower Colorado Map
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Between its starting elevation and its tower height of 1,995, the top of the tower measures 6,946 feet above sea level.

Western Slope Vs. Eastern Slope

While I don't mean to make a competition out of it, the reality is, even though Grand Junction's Black Ridge towers are only 321 feet tall, their overall height surpasses that of Hoyt Tower by 490.2 feet.

Well, that's what's going on up on Black Ridge. It's possible the site has gone unnoticed by many. In case you were wondering, though, we have some towers at remarkably high mean elevations around Western Colorado.

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