You read that right. Not happy with the gender you were born with? Now you can change it in Colorado.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment have voted to change the way gender identity is changed on birth certificates by simplifying the process.

The way it is written currently, in order to change your gender on your birth certificate you would have had to have gender reassignment surgery as well as prove it to a judge. (Not sure how, exactly.)

Now, all one has to do is fill out a form.

No surgery needed.

Minors, however, will still need a note from a doctor or mental health professional supporting their decision.

This can only be done once, however, without a court order. Meaning if you have your gender changed on your birth certificate under the new rules and decide you want to change it back later, you won't be able to without the court becoming involved.

Also, the Department is expanding the options for birth certificates from Male or Female, adding in X and intersex as mentioned in a previous article.

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