Many shelters in Colorado are getting behind a bill that, if passed, will put an end to euthanizing pets in shelters because of a lack of space.

SB 164 was written to ban shelters from euthanizing pets because of space issues but does not keep them from doing so over behavioral or illness issues.

Over 300 shelters in Colorado could be impacted by the passing of the bill, among them Roice-Hurst Humane Society in Grand Junction. Anna Stout, the Executive Director of Roice Hurst is completely behind the bill and is hopeful it passes.

Shelters only have so much space to allow for pets, and there are those who are not 100% convinced that this bill is the correct bill to move forward. One shelter owner testified against the proposed bill, saying the wording is too vague.

With the way the bill is worded currently, it should have no impact on Denver's pit bull ban. Denver, in the last four years, has euthanized 268 pit bulls.

Colorado is the first state in the U.S. to propose a bill such as this, but for many shelters, it comes down to two things.

Space and resources.

Part of the bill requires the shelter to provide veterinary care. And if the animals aren't adopted, space can then become a concern. Some, however, are saying the protection should be extended to ill animals as well.

The bill has just recently been introduced. The discussion continues on the proposed bill.

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