Things are changing at a very popular Grand Junction restaurant. They've already remodeled, but there are more changes on the horizon, including a new name.

The Egg & I, located at 120 West Park Drive, Suite 107, has already made a number of significant changes, with more on the way this summer. If you've visited lately, you no doubt noticed the remodel. What about the menu? How about the name?

Come this June, the restaurant will cease operating under the name "The Egg & I," and will make the switch to "First Watch." This change isn't localized to Grand Junction. The chain, which originated in Ft. Collins, sold to First Watch Restaurants a couple of years ago. First Watch acquired a total of 114 stores owned by The Egg & I.

While I do visit this restaurant occasionally, I haven't been in for some time. My visit this morning provided my first glimpse of the remodel. Whereas the cashier used to located at the front door, that section is now a waiting area. The cashier and hostess have been moved towards the dining room.

Egg and I waiting area
Waylon Jordan

As it stands right now, the menu remains the same. Speaking with the hostess, it was learned a few changes would be coming to the menu this summer. She stated the menu would be relatively unchanged, with only a few modifications.

The most noticeable swap would be the imminent name change. According to the hostess, that won't take place until June 2019. When June rolls around, keep your eyes open for "First Watch."

This is an excellent restaurant. I believe you'll enjoy the remodel. Where the name change is concerned, I sincerely doubt I would have even noticed. Like many people, I'm a creature of habit. My car and feet are all on autopilot. In any event, the future looks bright for this Grand Junction eatery.

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