Here are a few places around Grand Junction for a five finger sandwich, a good ole punch in the face. (Please don't go punching people in the face at these places.)

Whether you want a punch to the face or want to give a punch, you've got some options.

  • 1

    Shopping During Black Friday

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means so is the craziness of Black Friday. Any store on Black Friday will do for a punch in the face, especially if you take the last of anything.

  • 2

    Taking a Karate or Boxing Class

    This is a great way to disguise your punch. "Oops, I was just practicing," could be a valid excuse. Watch out though, your chances of getting punched have exponentially increased.

  • 3

    Any Bar in Town

    You've got some selection when it comes to which bar to do some punching. Seems like alcohol really brings out the aggression in people -- perfect for you.

  • 4


    Although it does seem wrong that this kind of thing would happen at a park, it's just the truth. Seems like lots of sketchiness happens around the parks in Grand Junction.

  • 5

    Children's Little League Game

    Something about sports plus kids makes for some very angry parents. Take notes from a t-ball game in Cortez where ten people were charged with disturbing faces with punches.

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