The summer is hot, the land is dry, but there is plenty of great Colorado fishing, and if you are river fishing, here is a look at the best fly options for success this time of year.

According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, normal levels on streams and rivers is being seen as the run-off slows. That means great fishing opportunities for Colorado anglers.

With the low water levels, dry fly bites are popular options. CP& W recommends keeping an eye on surface activity and be ready to switch to a dry fly presentation, especially during the warmest part of the day.

Here's the most exciting news. They are telling us that beatles, hoppers, and ants will produce some of the most "ferocious" strikes this time of year. They also say nymphing with generalist patterns like Hares Ears or Pheasant Tails should be productive throughout the summer.

The last bit of advice is to be on the lookout for larger stoneflies. If you notice them, you will want to bump up the size of your nymphs.

So with that bit of knowledge, grab your rod and head to the water with confidence. It sure sounds like it's a great time to be out.

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